Dr Vani Mullapudi

Dr Vani Mullapudi is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Life Skills Coach and Learning and Development Consultant with a substantial 20-year long career in coaching, mentoring and counselling students, teachers, parents, employees and couples.

She is highly qualified and academically accomplished with a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Nagarjuna University). She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology from Osmania University where she also acquired an MSc and PhD in Zoology. Additionally, she has obtained a PGD in HR from Symbiosis, Pune.

Her work in mental health and wellness extends from soft skills training, issues related to anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, trauma, adjustment disorders to work life balance and behavioural issues in children. She is genuinely interested in how people think, feel and react to the world around them, a quality that endears her to not only her students and trainees but also equips her to provide the greatest value to her profession.

She has proven expertise in training need analysis, designing and delivering managerial and development programs for diverse trainee profiles in corporates, educational institutions, PSUs, government organisations and NGOs. Her soft skills workshops are deeply absorbing and teeming with nuggets of practical wisdom you would rarely find elsewhere. Some of the themes she explores in her training sessions are:

  • Emotional Intelligence & CRM
  • Parent Management Training
  • Decision-Making & Time Management
  • Communication Skills & Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Skills & Team-Building
  • Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Resolution
  • Grooming & Etiquette
  • Change Management & Motivation

Her style of training promotes participative and interactive learning aims which facilitate learning from one’s own and others’ experiences. She has a non-judgmental and motivating disposition that inspires trust in participants at all levels of corporate hierarchy.

Dr Mullapudi is passionate in providing psychotherapeutic services and imparting knowledge and skills to impact people and make a positive difference in their lives. Her core philosophy is to remove all kinds of dysfunction from human behaviour and create healthy and sound individuals who are competent professionals and great human beings.

Dr Vani Mullapudi