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We have worked on a wide range of consulting, training and research projects.

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To thrive in today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need to be creative, future-positive, smart and nimble. Our extensive industry experience and in-depth expertise help your company address challenges in new and innovative ways.


Our consulting services are all about our clients’ success – whether it’s transforming a particular business function or launching an ambitious plan for business growth. Here are some of our consulting projects.
Enterprise Growth and Scalability
  • Transforming a Family Business into a Professionally Managed Enterprise without disruption
  • Business strategies that enable growth and increase revenue
  • Customized efficiency maps, methods and models that harmonize operations and enhance performance
  • Strategic roadmaps that eliminate bottlenecks to align business functions around business goals
  • Comprehensive, forward-looking, agile and positive business strategies for growth and scale
  • Analytical recommendations for the right inspiration, training, tools, processes and incentives to achieve business goals
  • Delivery-focused digital platforms, sales toolkits and communications strategies
  • Actionable reports and insights with contextual data analysis
  • Practical, strategy-driven guidance to build world-class, top-performing fulfillment, customer service, and SCM verticals
  • Organizational strategy, structure and systems design
Leadership Development
  • Leadership Competency Models aligned with business strategy
  • Leadership assessments, pipeline and succession planning
  • Enterprise-wide, structured leadership learning programs
  • Leadership traits that enable business growth
  • Leadership transformation
  • Developing leadership change agents
  • Leaders2Leaders: ongoing coaching and mentoring support
  • Mission-based leadership coaching
  • Longitudinal studies and advisory services for mid-level leadership development
  • Leadership building strategy, approach and roll-out
  • Identification of leadership overlaps and value-diminishing styles
Change Management and Transformation
  • Post-Covid-19 emerging work models
  • Pan-organization cultural integration
  • Identifying change resistance behaviors, symbols and artefacts
  • Change management strategies for business growth
  • Achieving change goals and sustaining them
  • Business-aligned Change Management Models
  • Assessing the Cost of Change (ROI)
  • Individual and organizational change strategies
  • Change intervention collateral
  • M&A integration
  • Change Management program design and deployment
  • The role of leadership in Change Management
  • Keys to unlock potential through change
  • Multi-geography change programs
  • Cultural aspects of change interventions
Strategic Human Capital Management
  • HR analytics
  • Crafting HR strategy, structure, systems and processes
  • HR benchmarking
  • Creating positive psychological capital
  • HR audit
  • Culture audit
  • Talent Attraction Strategy and implementation model
  • Benefitting from virtual, physical and hybrid teams
  • Negotiation as a key trait of team building
  • Training Needs Analyses and program design
  • Competency Development Program design aligned with business goals
  • Organizational commitment to enhance employee longevity
  • Attrition Prediction Models
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Performance Management
  • Assessment Centers


For us, it’s not just what people learn, it’s about end-to-end learning, from concept to application. Customized for your business, our programs can be delivered in-company, on our campus, or online based on the design and objectives.
Enterprise Growth and Scalability
  • Managing Growing Enterprises. A 3-day interactive, residential management development program for CXOs, full of ideas and insights to drive growth and optimize resources.
  • SME Development. A 3-day action-packed program to help SME entrepreneurs realise their business ambitions.
  • Transform Your Family Business. Proprietary COD toolkit specially designed to transform traditional family businesses into modern, professionally managed enterprises.
  • Scaling Business – the Enemy Within. Insights and tools to help companies identify and defeat the internal factors that hamper scaling plans.
  • Crafting Vision, Mission and Values. Clear-sighted organizations get a headstart on success, and this program helps them define themselves and their purpose.
  • Creating Sustainable Businesses. Tools and techniques to build a resilient, long-running enterprise.
  • Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World. Business dynamics buffet companies constantly. This program teaches leaders how to navigate the choppy waters of modern business.
  • Startup Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities. Designed for the ones with the big dreams, this program explores how to transform great ideas into amazing reality.
  • Revenue vs. Profit. Strategies, tips and tricks to help business leaders achieve the delicate balance between growth – and growth.
  • The Ethical Enterprise. Insights and perspectives on the changing expectations of society, values and doing the right thing in a highly competitive business world.
  • Startup Entrepreneurs Lab. An intensive, immersive program for startup founders and leaders to design strategies and operational plans that guides their fledgling business safely through the growing pains.
Leadership Development
  • Leadership Development in Action. A program in which budding CXOs gain practical skills and experience to get ready for that next, major step.
  • Developing a Strategic Mindset. Bluer skies, wider perspectives and the ability to see beyond the quotidian.
  • Execution-Centric Leadership Development Program. How to get things done as they ought to be done, whether by leading a team or leading an area of expertise.
  • Leadership for Empowerment and Delegation. ‘Command and control’ is out, ‘empowerment’ is in – but much harder. Master the skills, build trust and let your people deliver outstanding results.
  • Building Functional Leadership. Practical tools and leadership techniques for the effective leader.
  • Visible and Invisible Leadership. Insights into the obvious and subtle ways in which leaders can inspire, direct and guide to achieve business goals.
  • Ethical Leadership. An essential program that examines the basic foundations of inspirational leadership.
  • Leadership for Growth and Innovation. The skills, approaches and mindset to drive business growth and creativity in teams and companies.
  • Leaders Across Borders. A program that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of leading a global team.
  • Failing Successful Leadership: An Irony of Changing Scenarios. Insightful and often counterintuitive perspectives on how what works today may be all wrong for tomorrow – or 5 minutes from now.
  • Leadership Development for Women. Uniquely tailored to the challenges faced by high-potential female professionals, with strategies to succeed on their own terms.
Change Management and Transformation
  • Change Agent Workshop. Experiential program to master the skills essential to catalyze change.
  • Change Management Models. Program that explores a variety of structures and strategies for change management.
  • M&A Integrations: Map and Method. Great care must be taken when uniting two companies in holy M&A. This program shows how it’s done.
  • Leveraging Resistance. A surprising, paradoxical and highly effective approach to harnessing resistance to drive change.
  • Future Shock: A Reality Check for CEOs. Objects in the future are closer than you think. Are you ready? An eye-opening program for CEOs to challenge their mindsets and assumptions.
  • Individual and Organizational Change. Transformation from micro to macro.
  • Change Management for Leadership. Strategies, tools and techniques to help leaders drive change in their organizations and teams.
  • Business Change Strategy: Permanence vs. Tentativeness. A program that looks into the value of decisiveness in transformation strategy in comparison to change by degrees.
  • Transformational Dynamics in Organizations. The theory and analysis of how business transformation plays out in organizations, from conceptualization to implementation to the aftermath.
Strategic Human Capital Management
  • HR Benchmarking Program. Benchmarking is vital for companies to remain competitive in the battle for talent and profitability. This program teaches the techniques for effective benchmarking.
  • People Management Skills. A practical perspective on people management.
  • Team Building and Excellence. Strategies for building motivated, effective and high-performing teams.
  • HR for Frontline Managers. The essentials of HR strategy, policy and processes for people managers.
  • Retention Management Practices. An essential program that explores the best practices that win the battle for talent.
  • Communications. The imperatives, drivers and techniques of effective business communication in a hyper-connected world.
  • Workshop for HR Leaders. Intensive, interactive and experiential program for best-practice sharing and a wide range of perspectives on the latest thinking in HR management.
  • Train the Trainers. Time-tested, structured approach to prepare individuals to train their colleagues.
  • Strategic Human Capital Management. The fundamentals of managing talent to achieve an organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Effective Human Resource Development. Integrated approaches to training, career development and business goals that keep companies and their people sharp and ready for the future.
  • HR for Trade Union Leaders. Rights, duties and the path to collaboration through the law, policy and the latest thinking on industrial relations to achieve the best outcome for employers and workers alike.
  • Crucial Conversations: A Workshop on Negotiation Skills. Through role-play, experience-sharing and an immersive experience, this workshop gives participants the tools to negotiate effectively.
  • Emerging HR Practices Roundtable. A program for practitioners to learn, exchange ideas and explore the latest thinking in their field of expertise.
  • Workshop for Recruitment Professionals. Finding the right person may be the toughest challenge HR practitioners are tasked with. This program offers tips, techniques and new ideas on how to solve it.
Certificate Courses
  • HR Analytics. Created by pioneers in the field, this rigorous course prepares practitioners to harness the power of data for improved HR outcomes.
  • Performance Management. From the bell curve to the rank-and-yank, performance management has seen many ideas come and go. This program teaches the techniques and teaches participants what to use – and when.
  • Assessment Centres. A detailed study of psychometric instruments and their administration to achieve improved outcomes for individuals and organizations.
  • Culture Management. Keeping a company healthy is not just a question of finance – it’s a question of people. This program takes an in-depth look at how to build and sustain a healthy company culture.


COD’s pioneering research, independently and in partnership with clients, has led to transformative interventions and new perspectives on organizational development, change and performance. Here is a selection of topics we have looked into.
Enterprise Growth and Scalability
  • Why some businesses fail and some stagnate while others accelerate
  • Culture as a barrier to or harbinger of entrepreneurialism
  • The dynamics of community-dovetailed corporatization in India
Leadership Development
  • Launch of Leadership: Deliberate or Spontaneous?
  • The cost of leadership incompetence
  • The ROI of leadership transformation
  • Emerging lessons in leadership
  • Leadership in a world of non-leaders
Change Management and Transformation
  • The ROI of change management
  • The importance of stakeholder recognition to effective change management
  • The velocity and variability of change alignment
Strategic Human Capital Management
  • The alignment between business strategy and HR practice at India’s 500 most valuable companies
  • The impact of HR interventions on organizational performance
  • Entropy in HR leadership
  • Is this really the end of permanent or regular employment?