Strategic Human Capital Management

People are your greatest asset

Maximize the business value of your employees’ talent and passion with COD’s 5C model designed by some of India’s finest HR minds

Build an environment of


Our proprietary methodologies help you build and nurture world-class, close-knit, highly productive teams – whether virtual or co-located –handle conflicts constructively, and boost your teams’ performance

Offer your people more than jobs, offer


Using ecological and anchoring practices, we lay out career and growth paths, create succession plans and deploy talent strategically for tangible business impact

Create an attractive, performance-driven


Our pioneering work on Organizational Commitment models, Positive Psychological Capital and Attrition Prediction create a performance-driven work culture that maximizes employee engagement and retention

Empower your teams to deliver with


We use PCMM to diagnose, identify and build skill and competency development calendars, making the right talent available to your business using a unique blend of skill building, proficient performance and innovation

Envision HR as integral to business success


We craft HR strategies, policies, processes and practices that are custom-aligned with your business vision, mission, values and plans to ensure that your HR decisions are right for your organization

Service Offerings

We help your business implement forward-looking and future-ready human capital management practices that get the best from your people and achieve your strategic objectives.
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Meet the Team

Some of the most original thinkers and pioneers in industry, consulting and executive education come together to guide and implement our 5C Human Capital model
Dr Kuldeep Singh


Dr Jaydeep Lal

Principal Advisor & HR Strategist

Dr P Sethu Madhavan

Principal Advisor & Chief Mentor

Lalitha Akundi

Coach & Consultant

Dr Anuradha Rao

Coach & Consultant

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