Building Strong Connections In a world Of Physical Distancing

    Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2022

    Online executive education programme

    Interactive learning

    Reach Out and Get Connected

    “Starting with trust and giving employees great autonomy and flexibility allows people to feel independent and empowered while still feeling like a part of something bigger. This leads to happy, loyal employees with a rich quality of life, which in turn leads to an amazing culture.”

    Larry English

    Co-founder, Centric Consulting Author, Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams

    The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to virtual work, and organizations are discovering benefits beyond employee safety and lower maintenance costs. But virtual teams bring their own challenges: being physically separated but digitally connected, trust is tougher to build. Collaboration isn’t as seamless. Ownership and accountability aren’t always a given. Leaders must unite their geographically dispersed people into a team that delivers – together.

    To overcome these challenges, leaders must be prepared, develop new competencies and change long-held attitudes towards remote workers and virtual teams.

    Open your mind to the possibilities of virtual.

    The COD Advantage

    The COD’s Leading Virtual Teams is an essential, insightful and informative programme that enables leaders to acquire or enhance new skills and attitudes towards remote work in a physically distanced environment with no real end date. Unprepared leaders risk serious damage to their teams’ performance, purpose and potential if they don’t adapt quickly to the new world of virtual.

    Become a virtual champion

    Virtual work isn’t better or worse than in-office work – it’s just different. Understand the pluses and minuses and gain insight into what shapes your attitude

    Anchor your team

    Be the trusted steady beacon of your organization’s culture who orients your people towards their shared purpose and values

    Guide and motivate

    Working from home takes getting used to and pandemic fatigue is real. Learn how to keep your team focused on their goals and enthused to deliver

    Communicate and collaborate

    Understand how, what, when and why you need to communicate and handle the unique challenges of driving collaboration in a virtual work environment

    Who is this programme for?

    This programme is designed for executives and managers at all levels who work or are about to start working in virtual team environments.

    How does it work?

    This 4-day programme blends theoretical concepts, group discussions, virtual training games and activities, and the use of psychometric instruments to provide participants with insights into their attitude and preparedness for leading virtual teams. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Participation and become a member of the COD Alumni Association

    Programme Fees

    ₹16,000/- + GST per person

    To ensure a high-quality learning experience, each batch has a limited number of seats. Enroll now to secure your seat!

    Customised for Your Organization

    Partner with us to customize this high-impact, result-oriented executive education experience to focus on your organization’s most pressing challenges.

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    Programme Director

    Lalitha Akundi

    Professor, Organizational Behaviour & Organizational Development

    Prof Lalitha Akundi has designed and delivered top-quality leadership training programmes, trained scores of trainers and high-level executives, conducted research on organizational behaviour and development, and formulated effective HR policies for the private and public sectors in India and abroad.

    She champions experiential education, focusing on interpersonal skills, conflict management, value-based leadership, self-awareness and women’s success in the modern merit-driven workplace. An insightful and result-oriented trainer, she quickly builds a rapport to transform businesses and people for the better.

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