Dr Farah Naqvi

Dr Farah Naqvi

Learning & Development, Leadership, Organizational Culture

Throughout her 17+ year career, Dr Farah Naqvi has delivered enhanced value to individuals, organizations and stakeholders by developing the core competencies of effective learning, training and academic administration through the perspective of business. Her areas of expertise include curriculum research, development programme and outcome design, individual and group assessments, technology-enabled learning, and formulating leadership strategies driven by learning metrics and analytics.

Dr Naqvi holds a PhD from Banasthali University and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development and Psychology from the University of Allahabad. She has professional certifications in Organizational Analysis from Stanford University, Training from COD, and Individual Dynamics from IIM-Ahmedabad.

Starting her career as an Academic Associate in HRM and Organization Behaviour at IIM Ahmedabad, Dr Naqvi became a Research Fellow (Training & MDP) at COD in 2007. In 2009, she was appointed Assistant Professor (Advanced HRM, Organization Theories & Development) at the Indus Business Academy, where she conducted a wide range of learning activities, oversaw student internships and dissertations, coordinated events and conferences, and designed innovative courses for MBA students. In 2012, Dr Naqvi became Assistant Professor (Advanced HRM, Organization Theories & Development) at the ICFAI Business School, where she taught and mentored undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students on coursework, dissertations and career enhancement activities. Since 2014, she is on the faculty of the Gulf Centre for University Education, Kuwait, where she guides and advises students, institutions and companies on growth and development through diverse training models, research, psychometric and skill evaluations, and coordinated learning activities.

Dr Naqvi creates immersive learning environments for programme participants, whether the model is in-person (classroom), digital (online), a hybrid, evidence-based interactive problem solving, assessments, or continuous feedback. She is a seasoned public speaker and organizational representative who cultivates relationships and nurtures organizational awareness among key groups. She has a rich portfolio of international academic journal papers, conference papers, books, newspaper articles and columns, and frequently appears in panel discussions and interviews about societal and economic challenges, among other topics.