Short Talks and Conversations: How to use them effectively at Workplace

Start Time

12 July, 2019
09:30 AM

End Time

12 July, 2019
05:15 PM


COD Campus

About the Program:

Workplaces succeed when there are no barriers to good communication. At a very rudimentary level, communication is what keeps businesses going. It is like an intangible fuel on which the company trudges ahead. Yet communication is the most underrated function in organizations. Be it improving the morale of employees or extracting productivity gains from them, communication is central to all employee related issues.

While organizations do communicate formally, in today’s workplaces informal communication is what spreads rapidly and seeds either happiness or discontent. The aim of the program is to establish the primacy of short talks and conversations in superior-subordinate, superior-superior, subordinate-subordinate, internal-external relationships and the techniques of using them effectively to maximize both personal and professional gains.


Key Words:

Conversation, Communication, Workplace, Morale, Productivity, Efficiency


Participants’ Profile:

First time managers, Entrepreneurs, Start-up Employees



The programme will be held at the Centre for Organization Development, Madhapur, Hyderabad. It is fully residential, and the participants will be accommodated in single air-conditioned rooms at its campus.

The Centre arranges transport between Airport/Railway Station and the campus.


Program Fee (Per Participant)

The program fee is ₹ 10000/- plus GST. The fee includes tuition, stay and all meals. The fee can be paid by Cheque / DD drawn in favour of “Centre for Organization Development”, payable at Hyderabad. All fee settlements shall be done one week before the program date


Certificate of Participation

The Centre issues a Certificate of Participation on conclusion of the Program.