Procurement and Management of World Bank – Funded Projects

Start Time

01 July 2019
09:30 AM

End Time

05 July 2019
05:15 PM


COD Campus

Program Director

Raj P.V.

The World Bank’s framework aims to maximize the strategic role of procurement in achieving development effectiveness goals. – World Bank


The inspiration to launch this program is based on the Program Director’s extensive experience with training on the procurement and project management of World Bank-funded initiatives, and direct experience with procuring and managing projects ranging in size and scope from $100,000 to $100 Million in India, United States, and around the world. The need of the hour is, as observed by the Bank, to be efficient in all aspects of procuring works, goods and services; emphasize on procurement to fit-for-purpose, choice, quality, and greater value for public spending; promoting and strengthening national procurement systems that are empowered to support sustainable development; and increasing transparency in public spending. The motivation to deliver a program of high quality, with an emphasis on systems which produce the maximum benefit to the people of developing nations, derives from the fact that many nations continue to suffer from poverty, disease, poor sanitation, low-quality infrastructure and lack of basic amenities to live a life of quality and happiness.

Public procurement, especially with projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the donor agencies across the globe, requires special attention. While the World Bank made the task easy by proving vast detail and documents available in public space, the need to understand the material within the context of project planning, design, execution, monitoring and controlling, and properly closing the Bank-funded projects is crucial to serving the people and meeting the Bank objectives.


  1. to provide the knowledge to the participants on procurement and project management, their importance within a developmental context, and why it is important to acquire a vast knowledge-base to serve the people of our nations;
  2. to help develop the skill of the participants so that when they return to their workplaces, they can begin implementing the lessons learned in the quickest possible timeframe; and
  3. to inspire the participants, so they realize the power vested in them for delivering a superior quality of living to the people of our nations, who are in search of public officials to raise the standard of living.


1. Public Procurement

  • What is Public Procurement?                 >  Procurement Life Cycle
  • Principles and Planning                          >  Methods, Requesting and Receiving Offers


2. World Bank Procurement

  • What is the World Bank?                         > Bank’s procurement policy framework
  • Procurement of Works                             > Procurement of goods, SBD
  • Inco Terms                                               > Procuring consultant services
  • QCBS and Other Methods                      > Developing RFP’s for achieving project goals
  • Global Experiences, Case Studies, Participant Projects Lessons-Learned


3. Projects and Contract Administration

  • What is Project Management?                > Processes and Knowledge Areas
  • Evaluating; Contract Awards                   > Contract Administration
  • Implementation Systems                         > Amendments and Monitoring


The course is conducted using a structured, well-designed and highly interactive approach to maximize the available training time. The program includes a review of documents related to World Bank Policy, Procurement Regulation, and Procurement aspects; interactive discussions; example case studies; and discussions on topics such as projects and contract management within the procurement framework. Individual questions and concerns will be responded to. The goal is to help each participant, by the end of the training program, to become more confident and conduct procurement with ease.

Participant Profile

Typically, the participants are project directors, project managers, and procurement staff from public, private organizations and stakeholder entities, but with projects funded by International Financial Institutions (mainly World Bank). Public procurement personnel and other national public procurement practitioners are also encouraged to attend this program. Candidates are not expected to have prior experience since the program builds from basics to equip the participants with knowledge, skills, and inspiration to be successful. Sound knowledge of the English language is the only pre-requisite.


Monday, July 1, 2019 to Friday July 5, 2019. The programme starts at 0930 hours on July 1, 2019 and concludes on July 5, 2019 at 1715 hours. The participants are expected to arrive in Hyderabad a day before commencement and may leave after the conclusion of the programme or in the morning of the following day.


The programme will be held at the Centre for Organization Development, Madhapur, Hyderabad. It is fully residential, and the participants will be accommodated in single air-conditioned rooms at its campus.

The Centre arranges transport between Airport/Railway Station and the campus.

Program Fee

The program fee is Rs. 50,000/- (USD 1,000 for foreign participant) plus GST. The fee includes tuition, stay and all meals. The fee can be paid by Cheque / DD drawn in favour of “Centre for Organization Development”, payable at Hyderabad. All fee settlements shall be done by July 2, 2019.

Receipt of Nomination

The Nomination should be sent to programmes office, Centre for Organization Development, PO Cyberabad, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500 081. Last date for receipt of a nomination from outside India is May 25, 2019. For Indian residents, the last date to enrol is June 25, 2019.

Certification of Participation

The Centre issues a Certificate of Participation on the conclusion of the Program.

Program Director

Raj P.V., PhD, P.E., PTOE, PMP currently serves as a Connected Vehicles Engineer in the United States. He previously served as Dean of Training & Development at the Administrative Staff College of India. Raj delivered, directed and managed over 250 Training Programs on Project Management, Contract Management, World Bank Procurement, General Management, Leadership Skills Development, Operational and Engineering Excellence, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management, Paradigm Change etc. He directed and delivered Training programs for ONGC, NMDC, ISRO, BHEL, PGCIL, NTPC, NPCIL, SBI, SBH, Bank of America, Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, Bihar Road Corporation, Ministry of External Affairs, Department of Science and Technology, Geological Survey of India, Commonwealth Secretariat, Sri Lanka Development and Administration, Governments of Kenya and South Africa, numerous state governments and corporates including Wipro.

Raj is a strong advocate for good Procurement practices aimed at providing an efficient and accountable system, and to promote the health and well-being of all people around the globe. He is committed to providing the required support and move the process from individualization to institutionalization. The goal is to help all participants to have a successful and stress-free Procurement process.