Negotiation Skills

Program Director: AB Prasad


To equip the middle and senior-level executives with the right mindset, as well as the skills, tools and techniques used to negotiate with people within and outside of the organization for finding Win-Win solutions in critical matters and times.

Target Group:

Middle and Senior level Managers of PSUs, Banking and Non- Banking Financial and Insurance companies, Executives and Team Leaders from Private and Corporate.

Key Differentiator:

The program is designed to develop negotiation skills through a blend of theoretical inputs, group discussions, virtual training games, activities and the use of psychometric instruments.  It will be delivered by a team of expert faculty having a fair amount of experience in handling negotiations and an in-depth understanding of various concepts and aspects associated with Negotiation.

Program Delivery: Online Virtual Classroom Mode

Total No. of Days: 4 Days

Program Fees: Rs. 16,000/- plus GST applicable

Program Summary and Coverage:

People are different and so their perceptions, approaches, expectations etc. Whenever people work together, differences are bound to surface which may even turn out to be conflicts. Negotiation is back and forth communication designed to reach agreement while leaving the other side intact and positive. Thus negotiations skills are important for managers to achieve agreements at Workplace and beyond. Every good manager worth his or her salt knows he/she has this inescapable responsibility of negotiating several things both inside and outside the organization. The ability to negotiate is valuable to managers/leaders. Practising negotiation skills can further develop a manager’s critical thinking aptitudes and effective communication skills. If differences are attended in the right perspective, the solutions could also be Win-Win. Appropriate mindset, skills, tools helping effectively negotiating with people and a situation for Win-Win solutions.

  • The Art of Effective Negotiation
  • Understanding Negotiation Styles
  • Strategy for Effective Negotiation
  • Negotiation and Persuasion Tactics
  • Stepwise process of Negotiation
  • Immersion in the Negotiation Process
  • Finding Win-Win Solutions

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