Leading Virtual Teams amidst the Pandemic



Program Director: Lalitha Akundi

Program Dates: 21-24 Dec 2020


To better equip the Managers and Team Leaders with necessary skills and attitude to anchor and lead their teams virtually in the given context of Covid-19 Pandemic and necessary social distancing.

Target Group:

Middle and Junior level Managers of PSUs, Banking and Non- Banking Financial and Insurance companies, Executives and Team Leaders from Private, Corporate and IT and ITES Sector.

Key Differentiator:

The program is exclusively designed to develop necessary competencies among all those executives who lead the teams and are forced to work in the virtual mode given the Covid-19 Pandemic. It will be delivered in a virtual class-room mode with a blend of theoretical inputs, group discussions, virtual training games, activities and the use of psychometric instruments.  It will be delivered by a team of expert faculty having knowledge and in-depth understanding of various aspects and the challenges associated with leading teams virtually.

Program Delivery: Online Virtual Classroom Mode

Total No. of Days: 4

Program Fees: Rs. 16,000/- plus GST applicable

Program Summary and Coverage:

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of work is moving towards becoming more and more virtual.  Today the Organizations are willing to continue the virtual workplace model since it has many significant benefits. The team members in a virtual team can be from various detached locations, yet they need to be connected through communication technologies.  This gives rise to its own unique set of challenges. Establishing trust, ensuring collaboration, instilling ownership and accountability as well as making the geographically-dispersed team members feel a part of a single ‘team’ are some of the major concerns and challenges. Until and unless these challenges receive considerable attention and duly addressed, the virtual teams may not be able to give the intended results.

In the timely delivery of those intended results, the preparedness and the competencies of the managers or the leaders that lead the teams play a pivotal role This four-day training program is designed to exactly do that – prepare current and future leaders to manage their teams effectively even in the virtual mode.

  • Difference between Leading a Virtual and Co-located Team
  • What makes the Team a Virtual Team?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a Virtual Team
  • Navigating the Concept of “Distance”
  • Valuing the Team Culture
  • Various Stages in the Life of a Team
  • Enabling the precise touchpoints for communication
  • Harnessing Energy and Synergy
  • Managing Team Diversity and moving from Conflict to Collaboration

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