Flip the Work Life Dilemma



Flip the Work Life Dilemma


Women’s role in the context of the Indian workforce has changed dramatically over the last twodecades. Alongside, this has increased responsibilities for women—working professionally and still largely carrying the work of homeschooling children, caregiving for parents or loved ones, and/or having to find childcare. These dual responsibilities as well as the  apparent and latent conflict between their familial and professional roles often creates a complex network of challenges impacting their overall effectiveness in all spheres of life including the increased stress, compromised physical and emotional health, and leading to burnout and lower work productivity.  As a result, Women are encouraged to recognize that the perfect balance between work and home life is an unattainable myth.However, it is our strongbelief at COD that one’s mastery of work-life balance definitely can come from seeking help from others in work and life environments to share the load, creating necessary support networks and above all prioritizing one’s roles can help in deciding how best one can manage her time across various roles and responsibilities.  Holding this belief we have designed this day long program to help the women executives currently juggling between multiple roles and finding it challenging.


The day long program aims at orienting and helping the participating women executives creating a good amount of work-life balance through the prioritization of their roles and becoming assertive in developing necessary supportive mechanisms that truly help them through.

Take Aways:

Figuring out the “Dilemma”

Rocks or Pebbles?

Finding Coping Mechanisms

Planning for the Flip


The theme of the program will be dealt with an appropriate blend of Interactive Lectures, sharing experiences and experiential activities.

For Whom?

Women Executives representing any company across the Industry.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR :  Lalitha Akundi

Mode of Training:

Online Virtual Training Program

Fee:Rs. 4,000/- (plus GST applicable)