Developing Essential Competencies for Future Proofing the Career

Program Director: Lalitha Akundi


To orient the junior and mid-level executives towards developing necessary competencies that can help them in future proofing their career in times of disruption and uncertainty and preparing for the future of work.

Target Group:

Middle and Junior level Managers of PSUs, Banking and Non- Banking Financial and Insurance companies, Executives and Team Leaders from IT and ITEs.

Key Differentiator:

The program is designed to orient the participant executives towards developing necessary competencies to future proof their career through a blend of theoretical inputs, group discussions, virtual training games, activities and the use of psychometric instruments.  It will be delivered by a team of expert faculty having profound knowledge and experience in career coaching and life skill development areas.

Program Delivery:

Online Virtual Classroom Mode

Total No. of Days:4

Program Fees:

Rs. 16,000/- plus GST applicable 

Program Summary and Coverage:

Witnessing a couple of decades defined by disruption, automation, and job displacement, its time for us to believe that one’s job could be at risk. By 2035, it is estimated that 40% of today’s professions will have disappeared, replaced by new and exciting jobs to fit around our fast-developing technology. The world is changing and so is the future of work. The good news is, tough robots can do a great many things, and there are some competencies that simply can’t be replicated by robots and artificial intelligence. Hence those who wish to thrive amidst the unprecedented technological advancement need to future proof their careers by proactively developing and leveraging their unique human capabilities especially using the Soft Skills. In a relatively unknown future, investing good amount of time in developing soft skills and understanding where one’s strengths lie is the best possible way to secure one’s future career as these skills can be transferred into new jobs effortlessly.


Finding one’s Strengths

Emotional Intelligence

Flexing the Cognitive Muscle

Critical Thinking

Data based Decision Making

Creativity and Problem Solving

Adaptability and Resilience