Conflict Management Skills for Creating Conflict Competent Workplaces

Start Time

9:30 AM

End Time

3:30 PM

Program Director:

Lalitha Akundi

Program Dates: 7 – 10 December


To equip the mid-level executives with necessary conflict management competencies so that they can facilitate functional conflicts and respond effectively to various other workplace conflicts and thereby make their workplaces conflict competent.

Target Group:

Middle and Junior level Managers of PSUs, Banking and Non- Banking Financial and Insurance companies, Executives and Team Leaders from Private, Corporate and IT and ITES Sector.

Key Differentiator:

The program is curated to develop conflict competencies through a blend of theoretical inputs, group discussions, virtual training games, activities and the use of psychometric instruments.  It will be delivered by a team of expert faculty having industry knowledge and in-depth understanding of various aspects associated with conflict management competency.

Program Delivery:

Online Virtual Classroom Mode

Total No. of Days:4

Program Fees:

Rs. 16,000/- plus GST applicable

Program Summary and Coverage:

While conflict is natural to the workplace and a predictable part of working with others, the unproductive conflict has a high cost and unresolved conflict negatively affects the morale, motivation, communication, attitudes and productivity. It can damage relationships, reduce productivity, and inhibit creative problem solving and innovation. Managed effectively, conflict can lead to positive, cooperative situations. Conflict Management as a competency involves having the ability to help others through emotional or tense situations, tactfully bring disagreements into the open, and define solutions that everyone can endorse. Leaders who take time to understand different perspectives work toward finding a common ground on which everyone can agree. They acknowledge the views of all sides while redirecting the energy toward a shared ideal or an agreeable resolution. Managers with their conflict management competency have the unique opportunity to step in and facilitate conflict management so that the teams can get back on track in achieving the shared objectives.

  • Dynamics of Conflict: Good Bad and the Ugly
  • Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management
  • Styles of Conflict Management
  • Communication for Conflict Management
  • Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Management
  • Managing Stress in Conflict Management
  • Moving from Conflict to Collaboration

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