Application of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Life Cycle Management and CRM

Start Time

25 July, 2019
09:30 AM

End Time

26 July, 2019
05:15 PM


COD Campus

About the Program:

Artificial intelligence is changing our world faster than we can ever imagine. While the term ‘artificial intelligence’ may sound intimidating to a lot of us, it can be explained in three simple words – better, faster and cheaper. Machines powered by AI can analyse massive volumes of information all at once and with near zero errors.

Today’s organizations sit on an enormous stockpile of customer related information. Every interaction with the customer at every stage of the customer life cycle generates multiple types and quantum of information. Such information needs to be mined and harnessed to predict the future behaviour of such trail leaving customers. AI is the only way to do a meaningful job of converting the huge amount of customer information into understandable business patterns and offer insights into predicting behaviour of customers at a very granular level.

The programme is aimed at educating how the power of Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed by organizations at all stages of their customer life cycle management and how insights drawn from the deployment of AI can lead to better CRM.


Key Words:

Customer Life Cycle Management, Artificial Intelligence, CRM


Participants’ Profile:

Marketing Professionals, Digital Marketers, CRM Professionals



The programme will be held at the Centre for Organization Development, Madhapur, Hyderabad. It is fully residential, and the participants will be accommodated in single air-conditioned rooms at its campus.

The Centre arranges transport between Airport/Railway Station and the campus.


Program Fee (Per Participant)

The program fee is ₹ 23000/- plus GST. The fee includes tuition, stay and all meals. The fee can be paid by Cheque / DD drawn in favour of “Centre for Organization Development”, payable at Hyderabad. All fee settlements shall be done one week before the program date


Certificate of Participation

The Centre issues a Certificate of Participation on conclusion of the Program.