AL & ML: A Business Perspective



AL & ML: A Business Perspective

Technology innovation & cultural transformation for the future of business

“Harnessing machine learning can be transformational, but for it to be successful, enterprises need leadership from the top. This means understanding that when machine learning changes one part of the business — the product mix, for example — then other parts must also change. This can include everything from marketing and production to supply chain, and even hiring and incentive systems.”


Erik Brynjolfsson


MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

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AI and ML are permanently and dramatically transforming businesses worldwide. The number and span of opportunities to deploy AI/ML for competitive advantage in the digital economy are growing by the day, and the adoption of these technologies is transforming not just organizations’ operations but also their culture. A robust understanding of AI/ML, their applicability, their impact on an organization’s culture, and short- and long-term strategies for their adoption is imperative for business leaders seeking to gain and retain an edge over their competition in a digital-driven future.

Position yourself and your organization at the forefront of the AI/ML transformation.

The COD Advantage

The COD’s AI & ML: A Business Perspective programme helps business leaders and managers across industries transform their organizations into AI-driven forerunners. It examines the criticality of AI/ML technologies in the new globally interconnected business environment, demonstrates the versatility of AI/ML applications for improved operations, provides guidance on technological and functional short- and long-term planning for deploying AI/ML, and dives into the implications for employees and organizational culture.

Build a strong AI/ML foundation
Supplement your subject matter, functional or technical expertise with the proven analytical framework to address key business challenges using AI & ML

Gets hands-on experience
Experience the power of AI/ML for yourself by practicing on Python and Cloud-based infrastructure

Uncover opportunities everywhere
Learn how to get the most value from your data, exploit AI & ML to capitalise on business opportunities, and gain an unbeatable edge over competitors through digital innovation

Continuous learning beyond the classroom
Benefit from accessible, comprehensive study and reference materials to continue your learning journey, and 1 months’ support after course completion

Who is this programme for?

This programme provides a useful and actionable overview of the applications of AI and ML in business for CXOs, General Managers, Senior Managers, Technical and Functional Managers responsible for leading digital innovation-driven transformative projects. It is also valuable for Business Analysts, functional experts and mid-career executives seeking to understand AI-driven organizational culture and their potential future therein.

How does it work?

This 3-day online programme comprises lecture sessions, presentations, case studies and group work.
Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Participation and become a member of the COD Alumni Association.

Programme Fees ₹12,000/- + GST per person

To ensure a high-quality learning experience, each batch has a limited number of seats. Enrol now to secure your seat.

Programme Director

Mr Pattabiraman holds a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Actuarial Economics from the Madras School of Economics.

With many years of international experience in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation consulting in Data Science and AI, Mr Pattabiraman is a technocrat interested in the application of AI and ML in the areas of banking, NBFC, retail and logistics. Using his expertise in digital technology-driven problem-solving, he has advised a number of start-ups setting up COEs and pre-sales teams for AI and ML.