Open Programs


Programs Announced During February / March
1 Municipal Finance (February 24, 2021) K Subalakshmi
2 Management Development Program for Bank Managers (March 1-5, 2021) R Venkateswara Rao
3 Transformational Leadership (March 1-5, 2021) A B Prasad / Lalitha Akundi
4 Flip the Work Life Dilemma (March 5, 2021)      Lalitha Akundi
5 Developing Essential Competencies for Future Proofing the Career (March 15-18, 2021)      Lalitha Akundi
Long Duration Program (Certificate Program)
1 Executive Management Programe PVS Prakasam
2 3600 Manager PVS Prakasam
Experiential Learning (In-Company)
3 Digital Transformation PVS Prakasam
4 Design Thinking PVS Prakasam
Short-Duration Programs
5 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – A Managers Perspective PVS Prakasam
6 Business Analytics and Big Data PVS Prakasam
7 Design Thinking PVS Prakasam
8 Digital Marketing for SMB PVS Prakasam
9 Strategic Cost and Performance Management PVS Prakasam
10 Designing and Implementing Coaching and Mentoring for Talent Management Lalitha Akundi
11 Managing Digital Transformation in Public Sector Organisations PVS Prakasam
12 HRM for Line Managers PVS Prakasam / Lalitha Akundi
13 Strategic Thinking and Management for Public Sector Executives PVS Prakasam / U Pandey
14 Digital Transformation through AI & ML Mr. GurumoorthyPattabiraman
15 Leading Virtual Teams Lalitha Akundi
16 Finance for Non-Finance Executives PVS Prakasam
17 Negotiation Skills Lalitha Akundi / A B Prasad

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