Discover Leadership Potential

The uncertainty of Covid times highlights the role of confident and competent leadership like never before. While organizations are re-inventing ways of working, teams in every organization are looking towards their leaders to give them direction.

Leaders are not only responsible for employee morale and efficiency but also the financial success of the business and the overall reputation of the company. The balance between result orientation and people management through sharp business insight are some of the fundamental leadership skills required for navigating through such difficult periods.

In times like these Center for Organizational Development (COD) with over four decades of experience in developing organizational talent; brings you a programme that scientifically nurtures leadership potential. This workshop was designed based on years of interactions with the industry experts and a research-based understanding of training needs of senior management professionals.

Objective of the Workshop

This one-day workshop aims at enabling Senior Management Professionals to discover and nurture crucial leadership competencies:

  • Business Acumen
  • Result Orientation
  • People Management
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Networking Skills

Target Group

Senior Management Professionals including Vice-presidents / AVPs, GM / DGM and CEOs of manufacturing / service organisations in both Public and Private Sector.

Programme Benefits

Developing leadership potential has significant benefits at individual and organizational levels. This workshop will help the participants by:

Building their ability to be effective problem solvers who can quickly evaluate the ‘big picture’ for making logical sound decisions confidently.
Enhance their capacity to be results-oriented managers focused on efficiency, deadlines and budgets.
Learn how to shape one’s natural leadership style to match the employees’ needs to ensure the team is motivated and efficient in their work while being result oriented.

Trainer Profile

Prof. V. Ramachandran

Senior Assessor at the Assessment Centre for Leadership Competencies.

Ram comes with over 30 years of experience in HR at both strategic and operational levels in Indian and Multinational Companies in the Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Pesticides, Consumer Non-durables, High Technology, BPO, Banking and Airlines sectors.

Nurturing leadership talent requires assessing potential accurately and then developing a growth plan to harness it. This often requires skillful communication of with senior management participants to help them understand personal roadblocks in becoming effective leaders. Ram excels at conveying these challenges in a sensitive and empowering way leaving the person inspired to develop their leadership potential.

Programme Schedule:

Batch Size: 12

Program Delivery: Online Virtual Classroom Mode

  • Program Fees: Rs. 70,000/- + GST per participant