Transformational Leadership

Program Director: AB Prasad & Lalitha Akundi

Target Group:

Middle and senior-level Managers, Department Heads and Plant Heads of PSUs, Banking and Non- Banking Financial and Insurance companies, Executives and Team Leaders from Corporate as well as Business Heads.

Key Differentiator:

The program is designed to orient the leaders/managers towards developing transformational leadership behaviours and skills can make all the difference in times of turbulence as it is positively correlated with employee engagement and performance. Such an orientation is developed through a blend of theoretical inputs, group discussions, virtual training games, activities and the use of psychometric instruments and will be delivered by a team of expert faculty that helped people and organizations to embark upon the transformational journey.

Program Delivery:

Online Virtual Classroom Mode

Total No. of Days: 5

Program Fees: Rs. 20,000/- plus GST applicable

Program Summary and Coverage:

Effective leadership is the key differentiator between an organization that thrives and the one that fails. A lot of effort goes into the identification of the right approach a leader should take in order to make the sizeable impact.

While there are eight primary theories of leadership, scholars like Stein believe that Transformational Leadership offers a little bit of everything. It can make significant contributions in conducting meaningful interactions and developing relationships.

By developing meaningful relationships, transformational leaders develop organizational agility to respond quickly to external changes. They gain a fair advantage to play a pivotal role in creating learning organizations and empowering employees in the pursuit of organizational goals. As stein observes,” these are the people that can rise to any challenge and bring everybody together collectively to make a difference.” especially in times of Organizational turbulence, disruption and uncertainty.


  • Transformational leadership: Why, How and What?
  • key Constituents of transformational leadership
  • Understanding the current style Visa-Vis the Requirement
  • Transactional to Transformational Journey: significant Landmarks
  • Forging Meaning Relationships through Mentoring and Coaching
  • Influencing People for Positive Behaviors
  • Developing Teaming and Collaboration Culture
  • Motivating and Driving People’s performance
  • Managing change and associated Resistance
  • Planning for Embarking on the Transformational Journey

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